Alleged Gerald Anderson scandal video surface online


Netizens is now discussing the alleged leaked scandal video of the actor Gerald Anderson. The issue started when FP published on July 20 a picture of a man whose physical features is the same with the 26 year old actor.

Fashion Police didn’t confirm if the guy is Gerald, a few commenters also said that the partner of the man in the video named “M”, it’s unclear if the commenters is thinking that Maja Salvador is the girl in the video.

Some bloggers also said that there’s a possibility that the man in the video is Gerald Anderson, but some fans of Gerald is still not convinced after they watched the video because of the poor quality of the footage.

The side of Gerald is still not speaking about this issue and there are still no other big evidence if the video is real or not.

Gerald Anderson is now working in the top rating soap “Nathaniel” and we think that the actor is focusing in his job and not affected by the issue.


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