DOTA 2 fanatic changed his name to “Pudge Mineski Navi” in real life.



Playing Online game helps you to relieve your stress and improve your strategy skills in real life, it can also give you many online friends. But too much obsession in your favorite online game can be bad and you can do some weird decisions.

Quezon City, Philippines – A man named Elvis John C. Mariente Jr. filed a Change name Request to change his name in Quezon City Regional Trial Court last week. According to his request, he wanted to change his name to ” Pudge Mineski Navi C. Mariente” because he hates his father too much. His father’s (Elvis John Mariente Sr.) abusive way of discipline started the hatred in Elvis John’s heart for his father. Another reason why he wants to change his name to “Pudge Mineski Navi” is because he’s to obsessed to his favorite Online game.

“Pudge is my favorite hero in DOTA and I’m going to hook my enemies then I will trashtalk them if they caught. Mineski and Navi are my favorite teams in DOTA, I want to be like them someday” Elvis John said to our source. His favorite online game also helps him to forgot all his hatred to his father and he gained his true friends because of DOTA.

His plan to change his name is already made up 8 years ago in his head and he is just waiting to reach his legal age to file a request alone. Before he finish his college, he hopes that the court will approve his request. We tried to contact his parents, but they just said that Elvis is already an adult and he can do what ever he wants now.

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