No More Free to Play ? Group of DOTA players requesting to make DOTA 2 players pay $50 a month to Play



“A Good Game deserves a Good Income” a group of american gamers who requested that they want DOTA 2 to become a Pay to Play game. According to them, this idea can be lessen some player who don’t have any serious intention on the game and it can also increase the income of the game developers of DOTA 2. This plan is ready and they will just send the request to the developers of the game. This issue is now spreading in the USA and other countries and most of them are agree, because if someone is paying to play DOTA 2, they will become more serious and never waste time to play, it can also be lessen the rude person who playing DOTA 2.

Well according to some DOTA 2 players that we interviewed, $50 dollars a month is an easy cash in some countries, but in the Philippines that is a very big money and an average unemployed DOTA 2 filipino player cannot afford to pay $50 a month but it still depends if you are rich or just playing in a computer cafe. Mostly of the players that we interviewed agree that DOTA 2 deserves to be Pay to Play, but the others who disagree said that if DOTA 2 became Pay to Play, all the people who can’t afford to play this game will become disappointed and depress because there’s no chance that they can play their favorite game anymore.

According to the American Group that pushing this Pay to Play system in DOTA 2, if the developers agree it will

  • Dota 2 will gain More income and they will put better gaming experience to the players
  • All ill mannered players can be lessen.
  • The kids who cannot play properly cannot afford a $50 per month so it will lessen the players who gave headaches to their team mate
  • DOTA 2 players will love the every rounds that they play because they are paying for that game.

They are confident that their request will be implement next year and it can change the environment of the Game. What can you say about this ?

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