Many Beki is now hunting for a Trashtalker in online games




A group of Beki who loves to play Online games is now hunting for a Trashtalker that will become the “Bad Boy” of their life. They were inspired by the article that we posted 3 days ago entitled “Trashtalking leads to same gender romance”

According to their Spokesperson they were forming a group of gay gamer that playing online games like DOTA. Some of their members that don’t know how to play online games were now practicing the game and also the art of Trash talking.  “Were watching Fliptop and other videos that can enhance our trashtalking skills” according to the group that we interviewed yesterday. That group is very determined to find their “Bad Boy”

Now they are still searching for some people who wants to join their group and they were hopeful that they will finally find a real love in online games.


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