One Direction fan committed suicide after finding out that Zayn Malik leaves the 1D

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One Directioners is still cannot accept the decision of Zayn Malik in leaving the best selling boyband One Direction. Some of them showed their despair in the internet by taking some pictures and videos. Most of them is very depressed and many attempted suicide of some solid one directioners was recorded.

MANDALUYONG CITY , PHILIPPINES – A girl named “Kristina” was found dead in her room in Mandaluyong City Philippines, many of them was shocked because Kristina is still cheerful in her last weeks even she didn’t gave a chance to watch the concert.

Kristina is an avid fan of One Direction and her most favourite member of the band is Zayn Malik. According to her parents, Kristina is very glad when she knew that Zayn is not performing in the Manila Concert because she knew that she didn’t save money to watch the concert.

“Okay lang siguro kasi wala naman si Zayn kaya di na ako nanghihinayang” Kristina said to her mother weeks ago.

But Kristina’s mood changed when she heard the report that Zayn is going to quit One Direction and began crying inside her room. Her parents tried to comfort her and offered to travel in Tagaytay but she refused and chooses to just stay in her room.

Yesterday they noticed that Kristina is not going out in her room and after 12 hours of attempting to call Kristina, they started to worry and forcefully opened the door and they discovered the dead body of their daughter.

According to the authorities, Kristina poisoned herself and didn’t leave any letters. They only saw “I love Zayn Malik Forever <3 <3” in her wrist. The authorities is still investigating if there is a possible foul play.

The parents of Kristina warned the other parents to comfort their daughters and son who is affected by Zayn’s quitting in One Direction to avoid this to happen again.

Kristina’s One Directioner friends also showed their condolence to her parents.



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