Sick Fan finally dies 3 hours after reading the Last chapter of Naruto




“Happy and Sad” the mother of the 23 year old naruto fan boy named Eliazar Dominguez said to us after her son finally passed after reading the last chapter of Eliazar’s favorite manga series.

According to our source, Eliazar is already suffering on a stage 4 cancer and the doctors already gave a limit in his life. The Doctors said that the cancer is already impossible to cure and they already gave 3 months to wait until the patient dies, but because of the determination of Eliazar to read the last chapter of his favorite manga he tried to fight and surprisingly survived for 5 more months.

Eliazar is an avid Naruto fan and even  suffering in a deadly disease, he continued to use his favorite anime as an inspiration to fight. His final wish is to read the final Chapter of Naruto and its finally come true after fighting for 2 more months.

“His dream is to become a ninja like Naruto and my son hopes that the Ninja world is true so his illness can be cure” His mother said to us.

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