The Singaporean who threatened that they will ban DOTA 2 in the Philippines Apologized




the picture shows the Singaporean dota 2 players playing their favorite online game.

2 days ago we write the article about the Singaporean group who pushes the plan to destroy the Filipino community in dota 2 and the article spread all over the South east Asia having 20,000+ shares from different websites. Some Filipino people traced the man who lead this group in Singapore even we tried to hide his identification, after that incident that man experienced some death threat and received many bad messages on his facebook and email account. he was frightened because of the Filipino rage and when we tried to contact him on Facebook he said that he will never going to plan a big joke again because he thought that someone will kill him when he don’t tried to recall his statement, he also tried to apologize to all Filipino people who became angry and afraid because of what he said, he also confirmed that valve rejected his request last week but he tried to resubmit a request again and tried to gain support but only 20,000 Singaporeans join him.

But he added that he will never play DOTA 2 again because of the dirty community cause by the most Filipino Dota 2 player and if some brave people try to push his plan again he will support it.

This is his post he said “PEENOY” instead of “PINOY”

will you accept his sorry ?



  • domirichiefafa


  • FV*K YOU




    Hey “F**K PINOYS” why don’t you try to go here in Philippines and see what we can do here for you, instead of insulting us try to go back to your mother land, I don’t even know what’s your problem with us, but you don’t have to be racist, because in some point, we created by one god… damn you.


    Huhuhu… poor singaporian, you guys are so desperate, why don’t you accept the reality that you’ve never win again’s filipino, thats why you trying to ban us… well then go, go and play with weaklings… and by the way RIP to YOUR ENGLISH,WAHAHAHAHA……

  • J

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    @Medusa your a perfect model for RIP english. haha “you’ve” never won “against” Filipino… next time you boast, make sure to do it right. That’s why you’re trying to ban us…. you should have used *you’re instead of you. LOL! Spell Check.

  • Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, all these neighbouring countries want peenoise to be out of dota 2 scene, or rather let them have their own server. They are rats/cockroaches in the community, much like brazillians and Russians to EU dota. They have the largest dota 2 community amongst SEA, yet they always lose to MY :-). 26-0 kids, I suggest you noobs get back to Ragnarok or Gunbound, those are more your speed/play-style. This game is too articulate for noobs.

  • kali

    This is pure bullsh*t.. He dont want to play dota 2 again?? for wat reason?? because of annoyinh PH player?? or is it because he really sucked on this game and get TTed in return O_O grow up KID O_O

  • Tideborn

    there will be trash talkers in every game we play. if the kids doesn’t want to be TT-d, he better go play Plants vs. Zombies. i heard they’d be releasing some mash-up with CoD or something. and really? the least he could do after saying sorry is get “PINOY” right. trolling much lol

  • fgujdryfuu9 .

    You are dooooooomed!!!!

  • nizxkz galleto

    If he’s a PRO. PLAYER that is not a reason get annoyed, Trash Talk is anywhere in every game. He is just a BIG Retarded…

  • zzz

    please delete all the games that u have created. useless lame and unrealistic games..

  • ebinmate8outta8

    Look at the trash talk from pinoy scum after he apologized. Tsk tsk hopeless race.

  • Curious Intruder

    Pffft. Weak. XD

  • Vice Liberty Andreas


  • Jason


    stupid kids, now steam will really consider this

  • peenoy

    haha i do not care about the rage, i’m rooting for this ban

  • Renz Ronald Kira Incorporado

    coz he cant take the flame on hez just butthurt.. QQ more!

  • abcdefg

    You see, its mentality like this that adds to the problem. You generalize then apply. You’re no better than than the rest thinking your so better being all “embarrassed.”

  • asd

    Do this to any group and they would do the same. The problem is that he used a racial threat, regardless if its a joke. A Threat is still a threat. To add to the problem, it was a hoax, which could get him into legal troubles.

  • LOL

    “You’re” a perfect model NOT “your” a perfect model. LOL

  • Someone

    Okay, let me get the straight. The kid wants to ban all Filipino players in general, regardless of the presence of actual good players, because he doesn’t like them.

    Sounds racist to me.

    What, did he expect the Filipino players to just shut up about it? Threaten any group of not allowing them to do what they want to do would do the same.

    I mean, yeah. sure, Most Filipino MOBA players are smug and loud (According to some of the comments I’ve seen regarding about this matter). But that doesn’t equate to all Filipino MOBA players. Regardless if it was all just a joke, a threat is still a threat. To add to the problem, it was a racial threat that ended up as a hoax; which could lead him into some serious legal troubles.

    If he doesn’t like Filipino Players, then why not avoid them? Why go so far as to elaborate on a threat that would rouse Filipino players up without expecting retaliation? Clearly, the problem lies with him, and not the Filipino Players. But it should be considered that Filipino Players are not without fault.

  • yoloswagskillz

    screw you

  • yoloswagskillz

    dude thats just RACIST

  • not so strong pinoy

    dude i just went 5 v1 with your malaysians and got pentakill..shut up and fight idiot… i think you are no match for the weakest pinoy team….

  • not so strong pinoy

    even other countries do that not just philippines….

  • not so strong pinoy

    anong klase gatsby o fix?? o gel meron din

  • ThisGuyIsAFucktard

    Apparently you should finish your studies first, kid. Uninstall the game and go cry in the corner and reflect on how you have played. Go back to tetris and gamehouse games or maybe play some educational games because you sound stupid. Ragnarok, gunbound, and dota is too complicated for the likes of you.

  • Please stahp, thats annoying

    I think its just Philippines 😀 in another country like Indonesia, people playing Dota2 or other games on Steam most of them is educated, high morality, and good english speaker, because the idiot/n00b people in Indonesia they only play PB or LS

  • abimaria

    Racism consists of both prejudice and discrimination based in social perceptions of biological differences between peoples. It often takes the form of social actions, practices or beliefs, or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as inherentlysuperior or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities. It may also hold that members of different races should be treated differently. >> bottomline, that’s BS -_-

  • burner


  • burner

    RIP English.

  • burner

    Nazzi just got burned.

  • Dr.Love

    its not about TrashTalking or singaporeans being weak or something its about respecting others, thats the point of this banning filipino people doesnt respect others lets face the truth here

  • Dr.Love

    if I was him i’ll do the same even though im a filipino too, lets face it filipino are rude.

  • Shiron

    well, there’s some of them who play good but still speak peenoyeese language, so its kinda irritates me.
    but the most annoying is when they said “TANG INA PUTA”
    Man i still can accept it if u use english rather than your own language.
    And im fucking agree if they got banned in all steam game 😀

  • Yuzuru Otanashi

    so your saying that we Pilipino are not educated?


    You’re underestimating pinoys. Generalizing them. If you were in their shoes, you would probably flip out. Just because they don’t speak english, doesn’t mean they don’t understand you. Since you’re so great at playing, you should learn how to be mature and be the bigger person and instruct them. If they don’t want to follow you then fine, do whatever your team wants. Is that so hard? Instead of complaining and generalizing people, you should help them. Oh, it’s not like all of you guys are good at playing DOTA2 either. No one’s perfect and don’t be too full of yourself.

  • Dolby Schwarzzeneger

    go die putang ina mo
    Pota wala ko bobo
    grow up Kid u only talk trash
    Little skill and small brain like shit B|

  • FU

    Obviously your weak your.You just scored 26-0 ones so don’t get ahed of yourself. Im from Mineski if you want to play add me in steam i will crush your dick even you dont have. You are a pussy . Your just bragging about your dream . 26-0 hahah thats your score when you play with noobs . Also singaporeans are weak even indians and brazilian only PH,EU,US,CHINA are superior

  • every1startedasaNoob

    I’m not saying all pinoys are bad. Im just saying majority refuse to speak english eventhough i’ve tried to communicate. I dont rage over this. If they suck i tell them how to be better. Then they still suck and we lose. So what? Just a game. IDGFA, im just speaking my opinions. I’m just thinking its common ethicate to atleast try and communicate with team members. Most of the time the pinoys are already blaming people and calling them noobs before the game even started. Sometimes even quitting after 5 minutes cause they failed at ganking and blames the other team members. I’m not generalizing but its quite apparent that others are having the same opinions as myself. I’ve probably played with really good pinoys but i’ll never know cause atleast they speak English in an Australian server. I truly wish Valve would create a server for you guys. That way we all stay out of each other’s hair.

  • yo

    honestly speaking, I just think (not really sure) that the general population of DOTA2 players in the Philippines are highschool students or teenagers. I come across some working people who still play it but not much so I think maturity plays a role to it too.. I’m just saying this from my point of view, I’m Filipino btw and I don’t play DOTA2

  • Arianne

    um.. not all Filipinos i guess.. ^_^

  • OptimusPinoy

    you should stop generalizing. your way of thought just proves that you are no good.. A lot of us filipinos play in english speaking servers and speak well the language. we even laugh at the english skills of other nationalities. so do not generalize. Skills wise, i have faced a lot of opposing players who talk down to filipinos but can’t even hold a single match against me, despite some of my teammates are noobs. I call them “Intro Boys”.. i hope you are not one of them

  • OptimusPinoy

    This post is clearly from a child. how in the world can a country survive with just farmers and maids. clearly this kid’s an airhead. your statements are concluding that all filipino mothers are maids and fathers are farmers. or maybe not, maybe you are just stupid that you can’t write english properly.. you should go and study more instead of playing. And by the way, you might want to research pinoys who got other races kneeling for their butts. A country will always have a caste, those up top and those at the bottom. i bet my life if your country doesn’t have one.. Godbless. i you have a God..

  • OptimusPinoy

    i just want to point out some points. In most other countries, specially in Singapore and China if i’m not mistaken, DOTA2 is considered a sport, much like a profession. Whereas here in The philippines, its nothing more than a game, a hobby or something to kill time with which is unfortunate. Most pinoy dota2 players are elementary and high school kids which generally, have yet to mature. there goes the reason for the relentless trash talks and some leavers and uncooperation and incompetence.
    Me and my companions would very like to see soon that DOTA2 in the philippines will become something more, just like in other countries. For it to be recognized more like a sport. so, with these facts at hand, that retard who posted that “racist” statement clearly jumped to a conclusion without knowing what needs to be known. he’s just another air headed brainless guy. in other words, a racist.. and those who support him are one and the same..

  • justadota2player

    “Most” Filipino DotA 2 players are rude.

    I’m a Filipino DotA 2 player, but I don’t talk trash about how my teammate’s gameplay. Yeah, there are unfortunate times when you lose because a team member is probably new or not as great as how you play, but I don’t think talking shit about them would win you the game or improve their game. Learn how to be patient and teach them. Tell them to practice more on map awareness, ward locations, tactics on clash, etc. If they reply with, “Screw you! Don’t tell me what to do!”, well… be the better man.

  • Riftwalker

    think about this, why not Valve create a server for SG coz you only get along with fellow SG peeps?
    how will you react? enrage? happy? put yourself in our shoes dude.

    why not Ban the player. why not mute them. if you wish getting along with team mates per game, why not call your friends to have a party game. to wish to have a very very fine gaming with four random people around asia is like a day dream.

    i’m from PH and i occasionally encounter TT — so.. that happens. its usual!

  • proudtobePINOY!

    then why dont you go to play flappybird you shithead oh sorry even in flappy bird you cant get score 1 you shithead in the way you talk your just proving that you and your country maybe are not well educated , your worst than you talk to all the Ph player i have 3 words for you PUTANG INA MO !

  • proudPinoy

    i dare you… im a proud filipino… and i think your statement is too offensive… let me give you some knowledge, did you know that Philippines is the second country who can speak english fluently and 2nd in highest no. of people who speaks english,,, 1st is china… so dont you dare say that statement coz for me, you look like a pathetic human being…

  • kim

    oh really? that the reason of banning the dota 2 in Philippines? what a stupid reason a very stupid,hypocrite,idiot reason. . you know guys were Filipinos while playing dota 2 and having a team member of Chinese,Singaporean,or Malaysian. . . don’t u know that in early game they call us stupid because only of wards and not following there commands even where not saying where Filipinos they already saying “stupid pinoys”. and saying that “filipinos are worst race”. . .WT F*CKSDAKISGSBVKJTSDDF IS THAT. Then don’t want us to pay back?wanna TT? whose 1st picking an annoying words?. . . very very bull sh*t. And even thinking those assholes we understand English than you expected. even kids in our countries ages 4 years old understand english. . . WAHAHAHAHA

  • The Sangsom Massacre

    agree bro. but i suggest to have a paypal account / credit card account for registration. this will surely help..

  • The Sangsom Massacre

    Dota 2 need the new players and the best way to make sure they stay is to be kind. Yes, they suck now but you suck before as well. just sayin 🙂

  • Tinker

    1 word racist (:

  • ImnotNoobJustNotProYet

    i like your statement.. sounds more mature and factual… wish you all the best for your country..


    im a proud filipino dota 2 player.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that this guy has every right to ban this game among the filipino community, if they made death threats and rages upon him then it only proves his statements and we are nothing more than barbarians or animals, I may also be a filipino but I have no qualms agreeing to this proposal although…. the one thing I hate about all of this is the guy back out on his choice COWARD! be a man and ban the philippines of dota 2

  • james
  • ProudToBePinoy

    Pilipino is Strong in terms of GAMES !
    No one can defeat us in our GAME !

  • pinoydragon03

    is he serious?!?!?

    joke for banning that game?
    that kid must learn something respectful…
    but in a neutral sense we will sneeze it away…
    to forget this some-kind of a problem……

  • anone

    lol I know an Indonesian kid who migrated here recently and he cant even speak jackshit in english. The grammar and accent is bad, i grew up with immigrant parents and I cant understand him AT ALL. And you tell me they are better English speakers that Filipinos? Filipinos have some accent but wew youre some dipshit for saying that.

  • anone

    Lose to MY? Anu daw? Gago.

  • Pierro Olayres

    tama ang mga Malaysian ang mga Peenoy kc Masyadong MGa trashtalker Tingnan mo yung mga anounser ng Dota 2 sa mineski nakaka asar sila KAya Dpt ang Gawin naten Yung mga trashtalker dpt ma ban yan acc tlga nila mismo

  • someone

    I don’t believe when he said that he won’t play dota 2 anymore… hell with that…. lol….

  • Guys subukan niyong mag laro ng garena ng malaman niyong totoo nga ang sinasabi ng singaporyang yan sa GG kasi kapag namatay ka bobo agad tanga etc.. totoo naman eh dapat talaga e ban na ang DOTA 2 sa pinas