UV Express Scandal has gone viral on the internet

There is a viral video that circulating on the internet right now, the video shows two FEU students doing something scandalous inside a public utility vehicle (UV express).

The Netizen who uploaded the video said that he/she noticed that the FEU students is doing something wrong in the front of the other passengers.

The two students received criticisms from the Netizens and the university said that they are going to investigate about the public scandal that their two students did.

The video has gone viral after the Facebook fanpage “Pepeng Pinakamalupet” uploaded the video.

But some Netizen defended the two students of FEU and explained that the mind of the people who criticised them is already corrupted and their mind is already full of malicious things.

The Netizens asked to avoid sharing this video, because the couple on the video may be really affected by the criticisms that they received.

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