More than 30 show dogs suffer heat stroke after being compress in a closed van

A happy and stress relieving dog show was disturbed by an accident that no one expected that would happened in an event consisting of dog experts and lovers.

More than 30 dogs suffered heat stroke after being compressed inside a closed van that transported them to compete at the Beagle Fancier Club Dog Show on December 2.

The photos of the incident were posted by netizen Penny Cham and sparked outrage among dog lovers who were shocked by what happened.

Cham condemned the unfortunate incident happened during the dog show and hoped that what happened would became a valuable lesson to all.

“This should never have happened and yet it did at a Philippine Canine Club sanctioned dog show. So sad !!!! Any animal lover will be affected by this so it is time to speak up & be heard.” Ms. Cham said in her post.

According to our reliable source who’s present at the said event, during the registration, people started to panic and shouted for help after the dogs owned by PCCI judge Joey Mancilla began to panted heavily and collapsed.

The concerned citizens, dog show organizers and the vets present during the event quickly helped the dogs, unfortunately, three of them died in the venue while two dogs died while being treated in the clinic.

The event didn’t start until all the dogs were brought to the clinic.

Our source also confirmed that a closed van was used to transfer all the 30 dogs to the event venue that resulted to the unfortunate incident.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mancilla who’s also a veteran dog breeder claimed that he’s not aware that a closed van was used to transfer all his dogs to the venue and that is the first time that the said vehicle was used to transport his dogs.

Joey Mancilla dog show profile

However, despite of the explanation of Mancilla, Philippine Canine Club Incorporated (PCCI) released a statement condemning the tragic incident happened.

The PCCI Board of Directors decided to suspend Mancilla and had directed the trial board to investigate real cause of the tragic incident.

Official statement of PCCI on the incident happened during the Beagle Fancier Club Dog Show.

Mancilla might also face legal consequences for letting his dogs being compressed inside a closed van despite that the vehicle was not made to transport 30 dogs at the same time.





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