30,000 people attended Duterte-Cayetano Rally in Taguig. Davao Mayor calls Binay as “Berdugo ng Kaban ng Bayan”

Duterte-Cayetano tandem showed their force again after a 30,000 estimated people was reported to be present at Duterte-Cayetano rally in Taguig on April 12.

After the performances of many artist who supported Mayor Duterte’s president for free, the tandem finally started to talk about their platforms. Mayor Duterte also mentioned Grace Poe, Binay and Mar Roxas.

He described the UNA Presidential Candidate Jejomar Binay as “Berdugo ng Kaban ng Bayan” as his reply to the Vice President that described Duterte as “Berdugo ng Bayan” and challenged him to debate about Graft and Corruption.

He also described Mar as “Bakla” that means coward in their culture as his reply to the Liberal Party Presidential Candidate after attacking him again and saying that Duterte is a threat in Democracy.

He also explained that his parents are one of the people who pushed for Democracy in Martial Law years, so why he will destroy the advocacy of his parents.

The tough-talking Mayor said that he will stop corruption if he becomes a President in his first month.

The overnight rally was become successful and many people are now expecting that Mayor Duterte will dominate the NCR.







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