A demon possessed a man because of clash of clans for 48 hours straight


Clash of Clans is one of the most addicting game this generation. Like Ragnarok Online days (The first addicting online PC game in the Philippines) many people is also pushing all their effort, money and time in playing Clash of Clans to reach the top.

But being addicted to this game has also some bad effects and one of the example of this is the news that circulated on the internet about a man who allegedly possessed by a demon after playing Clash of Clans for 48 hours straight.

According to the friends of this man who known in his alias “JunJun” the addicted Clasher claimed that Lucifer entered his body after his tablet destroyed because of overheating and he is going to destroy everything in this world if no one gives him a new tablet.

The friends of JunJun immediately called a pastor to release the demon inside the victim. But the pastor was failed to fight the demon who possessed the victim. They did the final option and they admitted JunJun to the nearest mental hospital.

Some medical experts didn’t believe that JunJun was possessed by a demon, maybe his addiction destroyed his mind and he became insane after his tablet was destroyed because of 48 hours continuously using it.



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