Actress Maria Isabel Lopez is in hot water after she boasts driving in ASEAN lane without permit

Actress Maria Isabel Lopez faces criticisms from the netizens after she boasted the she drove along the VIP lane in EDSA where only Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) delegates have the permit to use.

The ASEAN lane was opened to accommodate the foreign leaders and other guests from different countries who would visit the Philippines to attend the 31st ASEAN Summit in the Philippines

She also admitted in her post that she removed the divider cones, turned on her car’s hazard lights so the traffic enforcers thinks that she’s one of the delegates of ASEAN.

Other motorist didn’t let the opportunity to escape the heavy traffic and followed Lopez’ car.

“Driving with hazards “on” at the #aseanlane I removed the divider cones !! Then all the other motorists behind me followed! MMDA thinks I’m an official ASEAN delegate! If u can’t beat ‘em, join them! #nosticker #leadership #belikemaria #pasaway #selfpreservation”

In the video posted by the actress, it shows that while the other people suffered in traffic, she’s enjoying the ‘traffic-less’ drive along the ASEAN lane.

“Whoo, ASEAN lane here I come!” Lopez said in her Instagram video.

“I beat it, be like Maria!” she added.

While several of Maria’s friend described her as ‘mataray’, many netizens were angered by what Lopez did and they said that the actress should not boast what she did yesterday.

This is what the netizens thoughts to Maria’s #Pasaway activity.

“Maria Isabel Lopez I think “pasaway” is not enough to describe you & what did. Wrong on so many levels. Nakakawalang respeto.” Fralei Gabor told the actress.

“Fralei Gabor Hindi ko alam kung anong ibig sabihin ng “high profile” para sayo , but this is sure a low class move.” Gabor added.

“Sorry but this isn’t right, much less something to be proud of on social media. Not only did you gleefully violate multiple traffic rules, you’re also filming while driving.” Netizen Arvin Villafranca Ugay said.

“Soon this will go viral, and everyone who commented above me should be ashamed of themselves. Am I really the 1st to disagree? Ang tatanda nyo na pong lahat, old enough to be my parents ffs! May lodi lodi astig beautiful “excemption” pang nalalaman. Lodi nyo this. #dontbelikemaria” he added.

You should have not post this on your social media. After all, you’re a public figure. And wtf? Be like “maria” pa talaga?! Tsk! You’re so disgusting! Feeling mo naman masyado kang privileged. Sana sinarili mo na lang. Hindi yung pinagyabang mo pa at tinuturuan mo pa mga tao na tularan ka. Magset ka ng magandang halimbawa sa mga tao. At yan namang mga nagcocomment sayo nabilib pa talaga? Wow! Nakakadismaya!” Carlynina Alfelor remarked.

Well, Philippines is the place where people would think that being ‘pasaway’ is cool.

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