Alden Richards and Derek Monasterio touched Alden’s has gone viral



We all know for a fact that whenever the celebrities have their free time, they often consume it by making silly videos that will surely entertain a lot of people.

One of the most viral video that was made by the local celebrities is the video of Alden Richards, along with Derrick Monasterio and Lexi Fernandez wherein Alden and Lexi are lip-syncing.

But then everyone was surprised when Derrick came in action and suddenly touched the private part of Alden Richards.

After watching this video, people then claim that Derrick didn’t even touched Alden’s private part and it seems that he’ll only try to get Alden’s phone.

According to the fans of Alden Richards, people is just making the video Malicious and there is no reason to make it a big issue.

People is making issues about the true identity of Alden Richards and some of them are saying that Alden is not a straight guy and because of his fame now as the partner of Maine Mendoza, the issue was revived.





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