Angry Netizens said that the De Lima’s witness testimony “scripted” and full of “hearsay”

Angry Netizens attacked social media after Edgar Matobato a self proclaimed member of DDS who became a witness on 2015 appeared again at the Senate Inquiry on Extrajudicial killings to testify against President Rody Duterte.

According to the supporters of President Duterte, the testimony of Edgar Matobato was full of hearsay and there’s he didn’t present any physical evidence to prove his testimony.

The witness admitted that he killed people for Duterte and he was tortured by his colleague when he planned to retire as a member of Davao Death Squad.

They said that Sen. De Lima is using the senate investigation to only discredit the President.

The netizens also questioned the Senate hearing because the purpose of the hearing was to investigate the alleged extrajudicial killings happening during President Duterte’s term and not the killings happened during Duterte’s term as a Mayor of Davao City.

Even muslims were not convinced of the testimony of Edgar and they believed that President Duterte who carried a moro blood cannot do that.

Meanwhile, Senator Trillanes suggested to put Edgar Matobato under the witness protection program, but Senate President Koko Pimentel must approve it first.


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