ASEAN music fest canceled after several concert-goers fainted due to overcrowding

Organizers of the ASEAN Music Fest Philippines held at the Ayala Triangle decided to cancel the concert on Tuesday because of the overcrowding happened during the said event.

The commotion erupted soon after the performance of the Filipino band Parokya Ni Edgar (PNE) as some concert-goers tried to get near the stage.

Some of the audience were rushed to the nearest hospital after they fainted because of the difficulty of breathing.

Authorities believed that the overcrowding made several concert-goers fainted.

The concert is free so the people didn’t let the opportunity escape to see their favorite artist.

“For reasons of public safety, the organizers decided to stop the show so as of now people are now slowly leaving the venue to go home. The organizers are very sorry for the inconvenient,” the authorities said while reading the official statement of the #AseanMusicFestPH organizers.

Several Netizens blamed the organizers for not being ready to the accommodate thousands of concert-goers who wanted to hear good music from different artist.

However, some believed that the ‘unruly crowd’ was the real cause of the cancellation of the concert.

Discussion tweets related to the #aseanmusicfestph on Twitter.

Netizen Anne Eliz APolona Gumiran also shared what happened during the concert.

According to her, the organizing committee could not control the crowd anymore and despite of the request of the vocalist of Parokya Ni Edgar Chito Miranda, the crowd maintained their hypeness.

She also shared several photos of the event during the disorder.

Event organizers asked the people to stay calm

Event security responded as several concert-goers complaint of difficulty of breathing

Some even attempted to enter the stage, but the security tried to control the situation and the hyped fans.

A netizen also shared that she lost his shoe because of the overcrowding happened during the concert.

After the event was announced to be cancelled, the disappointed concert-goers were slowly accommodated by the security to leave the venue.

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