#BOYPAKYU became an instant celebrity on Twitter/Facebook and other websites


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Photo Credits to Bojai Santos

Pinoy Big Brother Big Night is one of the most awaited and most watched events in Philippine Television, but a man caught the spotlight when he showed a shocking middle finger on Live Television.

Many fans of the Big Four were present on that event that was held in Resorts World Manila. Daniel Matsunaga, Maris Racal, Jane Oineza and Vicky Rushton thanked their fans for supporting them from the beginning of the reality show. The fans were given a chance to cheer and shout their favorite housemate before the final results of the reality show was announced.

Daniel Matsunaga was declared as the Big Winner of the reality show and given a chance to thank his fans and while he was emotionally speaking about his victory, one fan surprisingly showed his middle finger on the Live TV that shocked many televiewers. A minute after this incident, many Netizens started to discuss and post things about #BOYPAKYU (the Netizens gave that name to him because of his awesomeness) on Twitter and Facebook. This man stole the spotlight of the Big Winner Daniel Matsunaga and he (#BOYPAKYU) also reached the top 10 trending topics on Twitter.

Well, many people think that this man is mentally ill and the mystery behind this man is still under discussion by many Netizens all over the Philippines and they are still asking about the true identity of this person. Some admired this individual and some criticized his rude act.

These unpredictable circumstances are very rare events on Television because the ABS CBN network is controlling every scene on TV to avoid any profanity that can be seen by the televiewers, but because of the limitations that they can do on Live TV, we watched another profanity on our television. MTRCB forbids this kind of acts on Live Television and I’m sure they are now discussing about this unfortunate development to avoid this incident from happening again.

MTRCB forbids this kind of acts on Live Television and im sure they are now discussing about this to avoid this incident to happen again.

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