“Buhay o Patay?” Netizens confused if the mother of ‘Pinoy Ako Blog’ owner Jover Laurio is alive or dead.

Netizens were confused after they discovered that the owner of the controversial ‘Pinoy Ako Blog’ Jover Laurio claimed several months ago that her mother is already dead while in her latest blog post, she said that her mother was affected by the bashing that she received after she finally revealed her real identity on social media.

According to the blog post of ‘Pinoy Ako Blog’ published on October 13, 2017. Jover Laurio said that her mother was affected by the criticisms that she received from the ‘DDS minions’ or President Duterte supporters.

“These people are trying to destroy my life by exposing my picture, my real name and my school. Araw-araw the attacks are escalating. Siguro lahat ng klase ng pambabalahura nararanasan ko na from DDS minions. Nanay ko naapektuhan na but she said “Laban lang”. Laurio said in her blog post.

Screenshot of Pinoy Ako Blog Post titled “Ako si PAB, Oh Eh Ano Ngayon”.

That part of Jover Laurio’s blog post touched the hearts of her loyal followers, however, pro-Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot noticed that there’s something wrong with the post of the blogger who called her a ‘prostitute’ before.

Sasot pointed out that in one of the blog post of Laurio last June, she claimed that her mother is dead when she was still 10 years old.

The blogger from Netherlands posted the screenshot of the two contradicting statements of PAB taken this month and last June.

Photo: Sass Rogando Sasot

Jover Laurio apparently claimed that her mother is already dead, when she was criticized by one of the Duterte supporter identified as Limuel Balana.

Balana lashed back at Jover Laurio, saying “sabihan kang p*ta nanay mo, di ka magagalit, g*go ka pala!”

To which PAB replied the following:

“Una hindi p*ta ang Nanay ko, nasa langit na po sya. She died when I was 10. Pangalawa kung sakaling buhay siya at sabihan ako ng ganyan, and I’m still 13 years old, isusumbong ko kayo sa nanay ko. Hindi ako makikipagmurahan sayo, kasi ganun ang tamang pagpapalaki sa akin.”

Screenshot taken last June 3 on Pinoy Ako Blog Facebook page.

Because of this, netizens could not afford not to react on the contradicting statements of Pinoy Ako Blog, one netizen even called her a ‘pathological liar’.

“Pathological liar si Ateng. She needed to throw her imaginary “nanay” in the game to make people symphatize with her. Buking ka na naman gurl!! #gamejover na!” Netizen Alicia W. Cruz said in her comment.

But a netizen, said that maybe Laurio was already adopted by her aunt and she’s calling the one who adopted her as ‘Nanay’

“I watched her interview with rappler i think she said she is adopted na by her aunt na yun ang me cancer. I think thats what i heard. I just dunno if that its true though” Netizen Menchie Ruado said.

This are some of the other comments from the netizens who saw Sass’ post:

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot, Pinoy Ako Blog

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