Camarines Norte Gov. Edgardo Tallado Photo Scandal has circulated on the Internet.



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One of the most biggest issues this month is the issue between the Governor of Camarines Norte Edgardo Tallado and his wife Josefina Tallado. The wife of the governor revealed to the media after she went missing for almost a week, that she discovered the third party of her husband. She also stated that the governor had threatened her because he thought that she was really the one who spread the said scandal.

After the Mrs. Talledo went missing and the husband thought that she was kidnapped, she suddenly showed and talked to the media to tell the real story why she’s gone for a week. She said that she really escaped from her husband’s territory due to the death threat she received . Her laptop was destroyed by someone she doesn’t know who just entered her room without consent and her suspect is, its his husband’s conspirator.

The Governor’s scandal has gone viral in Facebook. It was really a bad publicity for him, to the fact that he is an honored politician from a very good province. He also received different comments from our Netizenz which is obviously negative such as “Unfaithful Husband,  a bad politician etc.”  The wife is still in trauma because the husband also used a gun to threat her.

“Her life is under threat” said by Kapunan. And all this unresolved case will just be on the hands of their respective lawyers. Everyone hopes this time,that justice will prevail in her situation.

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