Camera Filter was really made for Dogs and Cats.



Are you using camera filters before posting your selfies on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ? Well maybe you will be shock after you read this article. A fanpage gave us a precious information that he got in a Facebook Fan page about the history of the camera filters that is used daily by many Netizens all our the world, the camera filters real purpose in the past is to make their pet like dogs and cats fur to look more beautiful.

According to our fan, the inventor of the modern camera filter was really worried about his dog that is not really photogenic that’s why he tried to invent an application  to transform his dog by using camera effects. Some of his friends who also owned many different pets also used the newest invention of their genius friend and four years after that application invented, the smartphone application makers used it to transform not animals but real people.

“Camera Filters, were once used to make the fur of their pets more attractive, the camera filters helps to enhance the colors of the animal’s fur” our fan said to us while laughing.

The inventor of the camera effects was shocked when he saw people using his invention that he just made for dogs and cats. Well this is real funny if this story is true.

Sounds Legit.

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