“Can we Americans borrow him for a while?” President Duterte got a support from an American who lives in the Philippines

Not all foreigners hate the President of the Philippines. An American who lives in the Philippines for almost 30 years posted a letter on Facebook, expressed his support to the newly-elected President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

John Parsons, an American living in Baguio City, noticed that President Duterte always got negative news from the international media. Parsons also believes that Duterte is a real President that Filipinos must be proud of.

Parsons, explained how the President of the Philippines handling China very carefully and trying to avoid any hostile acts for the safety of the nation. He also lauds the President for defending the sovereignty of the Philippines.

He believes that Filipinos must celebrate because a President like Duterte serves in our country.

He also jokingly asked if Americans can borrow Duterte when his term finished in 2022.

When Mr. Duterte’s term is finished in 2022, can we Americans borrow him for a while?” Parsons said to his post.

The letter got thousands of likes and shares from the Netizens and they were happy that some Americans understands the side of the President of the Philippines.

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