A Canadian Said He Doesn’t want to visit Philippines anymore because of CHICSER .























“That Violent Noise that i hear from mall , a group of boys singing , i can’t understand them but that is terrible , i don’t want to go back in this place anymore ” the foreigner shouted to his tour guide last day in a fast food chain in Manila City .

the tour guide that we interviewed explain that the group singing in that mall is named “CHICSER” a filipino boy band that making name in the Philippines , but the foreigner named joe become more angry when they know their name , and he promised that Chicser will never be allowed to visit Canada forever .

“They are worse , im too old to complain but that is very bad , they are singing and dancing even without talent and many girls are shouting their name , that is not music , is this the music taste of the Philippines ? , ok i will never visit this place anymore , they sound like a crashing motorboat engine”

Joe also added that when he hear the voice of that chicser , he thinks that he will attacked by hypertension ..

but you don’t need to worry guys , joe is just angry on that times and after the tour guide explains everything to him , he become calm again and say sorry for what he said , he said that he will visit again but he don’t want to see the face of that boy band anymore and hoping that they will retire before he come back again in the Philippines .

Joe loves the Philippines already especially all the foods in that country . 


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