Cebu Students Photo Scandal – The reason why these 5 students were barred to attend their graduation from their alma mater.

A lot of schools especially in Catholic, teaches us how to become a conservative one and to have a good virtue even we’re already in the modern era. Controversial acts and posting half naked photos can actually destroy the conservative and wholesome image of the school and it can also affect your studies.

Back in 2012, five students publicized their Bikini Photo on Facebook and and it was downloaded by a lot of unknown people. This photo circulated on the social media and their school teachers found out the said scandalous photo of them. Because of this, the School forbid this five students to attend their High School graduation last March 20, 2012. This issue might be a very old case but it bursts again after the Supreme Court junks the request of the parents of those students to give their children a second chance just to graduate from this school.

This issue was discussed again by many curious Netizens today and some people who are against to the decision of the Supreme Court said that the photo is not really so scandalous and there’s no immoral thingy that can you see there. But of course, not everyone agreed with that said opinion. Nevertheless, it’s still a lesson to a lot of students of our generation to never ever try to post something like that again not only on Facebook but to every social sites they are with. As they said, think a hundred times first before posting irrelevant scenarios or just for the sake of being-so-called “famous” on the eyes of everyone even if it’s too vulgar already.

Luckily, the original photo has already banned on Facebook viewers but the authorities is not confident yet about the safety of the picture because there’s a possibility that some people will try to spread the photo again because the issue was revived.

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