Clash of Clans Gem Cheat/Glitch/Bug storms Android users in the Philippines.



Since I’m always interacting with my friends on Clash of Clans, one of my friends informed me about the Gem Glitch/Bug/Cheat that already performed by many COC players around the Philippines using a prepaid  Billing offered by a telecom giant.

My friend said that they can buy gem even there’s no enough balance in their account. This is very alarming since many of my friend spends thousands of pesos in this game. There’s also people using bug and selling gems in other users in exchange of real money.


via facebook.

My friend showed me the demo of this glitch and I’m very shocked when i saw the bug works. Many Clash of Clans users here in the Philippines is now buying gems in those people who knows the bug, they were selling the gems 50% cheaper.

The issue sparked in a facebook group named “Hachi Buy and Sell” after they notice people who sells gem in exchange of cash in that group. Some people were also reportedly got banned in Clash of Clans because of using this bug.

The telecom company also received complains from concerned citizens, but the telecom company is not yet speaking about this issue. But one of my friend that working in that telecom company said that they are already working to resolve this glitch and punish every people that performed this bug.

Well if you saw people who used this bug, you can just report it to that telecom company. We avoid posting more information about this Gem Bug to avoid more troubles.

Update: January 17, 2015

* The “x10 bug” Another bug using a refund system in a prepaid billing system was showed to me and still working.

My friends already received their prize for using Gem Glitch on Clash of Clans. If you’re planning to do the glitch, it’s better to think many times first.


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