Meet Coco Martin’s “PALOMA” real girl version!


Photo Credits: Sally Villegas/Gerald Pinas Gonzales II

Coco Martin’s role as Paloma in Probinsiyano is a big hit to the teleserye. The main character’s disguise as a girl is a very successful and will be one of the most remembered role of Coco Martin, many people was influenced by the Teleserye.

Now a girl that really similar to the face of Coco Martin has gone viral online, many people thought at first that this girl is Coco Martin.

This girl named Sally Villegas, a teen who successfully imitates the looks of Probinsiyano’s Paloma, many people were amazed and didn’t believe that there is a girl that really look like Coco Martin.

After uploading this photo on Facebook, many Netizens shared it and she became an instant Facebook Celebrity, many people also wishes that she may appear on the Teleserye and meet Coco Martin in personal.

Sally is also happy that Netizens really likes her picture posted on Facebook.

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