Construction worker didn’t attend the birthday of his son because of the INC rally


This is one of the most sad stories of the commuters who suffered a very long traffic in EDSA last night. A man who works as a construction worker didn’t delivered the gift for his son on time because of the traffic that caused by the “peaceful” rally of the Iglesia ni Cristo last Sunday night.

The construction worker loses hope so instead of waiting for the ice scream that he planned to give to his son to dissolve he just shared it with other people.




Lorena Rebujio who posted the story said that this is one of the saddest story of the commuters who were affected by the INC rally in EDSA, the inconvenience that the traffic that INC rally made is really damaging, many people didn’t attend their works on time and some people who has important meeting postponed.

But the Iglesia ni Cristo followers said that this is just peaceful rally and they didn’t intend to give inconvenience to people.


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