North Cotabato Governor Mendoza, to block donations of food, rice from other Presidential Candidate.

The Governor of North Cotabato, Gov. Lala Mendoza was angered by the other presidentiables who offered help to the victims of the Kidapawan Massacre.

She warned the presidential candidates to avoid using her province as a propaganda stage and to get the attention of the international community for their personal gains. She also believes that donating rice to her province is a big insult to her governance.

The Netizens were angered by this circulating video of Governor Mendoza and according to them, the official showed “insensitivity and irresponsibility to the Kidapawan Massacre”.

People who already donated are worried because they feel that the LGU of North Cotabato is going to block all the donations,

Last April 1, while the farmers were forcefully dispersed by the police, the governor of North Cotabato who is also a Liberal Party member is busy in campaigning together with the LP Presidential standard bearer Mar Roxas.

Watch the official statement of the Governor of North Cotabato after hearing the news about the plan of the other presidentiables to send help to the victims of Kidapawan Massacre. Uploaded by TV5.

Gov. Lala Mendoza ng Cotabato, binatikos ang mga gumagamit sa insidente sa Kidapawan sa pulitikaFull story: ang pagpapadala ni Mayor Duterte ng umano'y donasyon matapos ang insidente sa Kidapawan, nagalit ang gobernador ng lalawigan dahil sa tingin niya ay ginagamit ito sa pulitika.

Posted by News5 Everywhere on Sunday, April 3, 2016

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Posted by Gem Avanceña on Friday, April 1, 2016