Diver who sent by the police found a terrifying thing at the bottom of the lake

Do you believe that some mysterious creatures is living underwater and waiting for a victim.

This short film about a scuba diver who was sent for a retrieval operation in a certain lake which was considered as full of mystery and a crime scene. As he goes deeper with only flashlight with him, he found creepy things submerged underneath like hollow blocks, a baby stroller and an antique leather shackle.

After seeing these terrifying things, he saw a horrifying creature that looks like a human, looking directly at him. The creature immediately disappear in the dark waters.

Because the diver knows that he is already in danger, he tried to swim back towards the boat waiting for him, but he was shocked as he saw that the shackle is already tied to one of his feet.

The diver was found dead after a week of search and rescue operation and recovered the still functional action cam the he used during the mission, they saw the footage and horrified after seeing the “one last dive” of their colleague.

After the incident, the place is now closed to the public and only the police and military is allowed to go near the lake.

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