Doctor says Dengvaxia scandal is a proof that former Pres. Aquino and former Sec. Garin didn’t prioritize Filipino welfare

Doctor Ethel Pineda expressed her disappointment to former President Noynoy Aquino and former Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Janette Garin for not being careful in deciding if vaccinating 700,000 children of the controversial Dengvaxia vaccine would be safe.

She said that the former administration still pushed the program despite of the doubts of several health experts about the vaccine which made by Sanofi Pasteur, a French pharmaceutical company.

According to her, the drug was not yet proven 100% effective in 2016, however the former administration still distributed it to thousands of people in different parts of the Philippines.

She also said that the vaccine was used in a wrong way which resulted to a wasted opportunity to help thousands of Filipino people against the deadly dengue virus.

“It is lamentable to see something that has been a product of so much research and studies, with the noble intention of helping people, used haphazardly so it does harm instead. What a waste.” Dr. Pineda said in her Facebook post.

“If Aquino and Garin really had in their hearts the welfare of the Filipinos, they would have been more careful. They should have listened to experts and be more circumspect and cautious.” she added.

Thousands of families became alarmed after the Sanofi Pasteur on Wednesday admitted that their latest clinical data showed could make the disease worse in people who had not previously infected with the virus.

World Health Organization also clarified that they never recommended to contries to introduce the controversial Dengvaxia vaccine to their immunization programs.

“WHO’s position on the dengue vaccine was published in July 2016, based on recommendations of the strategic group of experts on immunisation which met and published preliminary advice in mid-April 2016,” WHO said.

According to the Department of Health, 733,000 children were already vaccinated by the controversial Dengvaxia.

Several deaths of children due to severe dengue were also reported in different parts of the Philippines.


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