Don’t Leave your FB logged in or you will become like Michael Reyes.




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The name Michael Reyes started to became familiar when a post of him on Facebook has gone viral. He bashed all the people that saw his post and denied that he’s a Filipino and he’s keeping to deny it even many people know that Michael is obviously a Filipino, he said that he’s a Filipino American and not a pure Filipino. He also said that he’s a Coco Martin (Actor) look a like.

Many people criticized his post and one of his friends asked him to remove his post, Michael didn’t follow the request of his friend. Because the post is already reached many people, Local precinct surprisingly received many complaints about Michael’s acts.

The authorities found Michael’s house after three days of Man-hunt operation in Quezon City, but they discovered that Michael is already dead by hanging himself last night.

The true story behind the picture that circulated on Facebook.

“He is very good boy and even he’s not a good looking man he is still very humble to other people” According to the parents of Michael.

Michael friends revealed that they saw their friends Facebook still logged in and one of the man in the computer shop used the Facebook of Michael when he’s not around. They didn’t try to ask the man who used the Facebook of Michael without the authorization of the true owner.

The effect of the Viral post on Michael is very bad and became depress for many days, He received many threat from other people according to his parents and that is the biggest possible cause why their son end his own life.

The man who used the Facebook of Michael is not yet identified by the police but they promised that they will going to search the suspect.

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