Don’t Share your password to anyone if you don’t want to be like Ferdinand



via Facebook (/bagotematampuhin) Some of the words that considered as a profanity and not suitable for other readers was censored.

Sharing your Facebook, Twitter or other social media password even in your most trusted person is not a nice decision, look at Ferdinand Lopez who victimised by his ex girlfriend.

The incident happened 2 days ago after his girlfriend decided to end her 3 years of relationship with him because of having unsolved problems and broken promises (like giving a kikiam to his girlfriend). Ferdinand is very confident that there will be no trouble or leakage happens even his girlfriend knows many things about him including his Facebook password, but something gone wrong.

16 hours ago, many of Ferdinand’s friends called him on cellphone when they saw something wrong with the name of his Facebook. He quickly logged in his Facebook and horrified when he saw his newest name on the Social Media Site, many people shockingly saw the name of Ferdinand including his friends, relatives and workmates.

Many people thought that Ferdinand intended to change his name because of the depression that he experienced after the break up, but he immediately explained that his girlfriend changed his name without his permission. Because of the shame that he felt after the incident, Ferdinand became sick and depressed that he admitted that he wants to kill himself.

The Facebook changed the rules on changing your name, last year the changing name rules gives you three – five chances to change your name without waiting for two months, but now they gave you a unlimited chance to change your name, but you need to wait for two months to change it again. Facebook is working to avoid this kind of incidents, but Ferdinand is still unlucky because Facebook is not yet completed the list of valid names on Facebook Philippines.

Ferdinand is still sick and admitted on the hospital, but there’s still a chance to change his name without waiting for 2 months, he needs to report the incident on Facebook and pass his own proof of identification like his birth certificate. His Ex-Girlfriend is not yet found by his friends but he promised that after his recovery, he will hunt his ex-girlfriend and pay for what she was done to him.

The Social Media giant and many websites since Ragnarok Online warns many Netizens to avoid sharing their Password to anyone.


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