“Durian Hunk” selling durians to help his untie

durian hunk

Many girls has gone crazy because of this hunky durian vendor, he is now discussed by many Netizen around the world. Jordan Yeoh is a fitness instructor from Malaysia posted a picture of himself helping his auntie to sell Durians and because of his very attractive physique, the sales of the Durians was boosted and quickly sold out.

Jordan Yeoh is also a 2004 World Cyber Games Champion (O2jam) and a dancer. According to him, he really loves to help his family and to live a simple life, but because of his job he really needs to be always look attractive.

“He didn’t intend to attract people while selling Durians” One of his fans said to our source. He is now slowly grabbing Filipino fans and because Netizens from the Philippines is very familiar with Durians, they started to called him “Durian Hunk”.

“If i saw him, I’m gonna buy all of his Durian” One of the Filipino Netizen said while shivering because of the hotness of Joseph.

Being an industrious and attractive man is one of the most searched featured by girls, and Joseph Yeoh already got it, so what are you waiting for? are you going to buy his Durian?



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