“Resign na!” LOOK: Duterte bloggers slams Spox Roque for his pro-mainstream media statement

Pro-Duterte bloggers expressed their disappointment to the new Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque after he said that the followers of the President including the subscribers of Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson must ‘understand  the value of the mainstream media’

Before, the pro-duterte bloggers were supportive to the new spokesperson of President Duterte because of his ‘hollow blocks’ statement against the people who wants to destroy the administration.

But several days after he said that, he became soft spoken to the press who repeatedly criticized by the pro-duterte bloggers and urged Uson to became his ‘student’ and teach her the real value of the mainstream media.

“I guess in due course we will explain in a manner na maiintindihan ng lahat, kung bakit importante ang karapatan ng malayang pamamahayag,” Roque told reporters.

“Bago pa mana kami nagkasama ni Asec. [Uson] – I like her, she likes me – I will forever be a law professor and I will forever consider individuals as under my tutelage on important matters. I hope Asec. Mocha will accept being a student of the spokesperson,” he added.

Roque also said that the mainstream media contributed to the victory of President Rodrigo Duterte last election.

Because of this, bloggers including RJ Nieto of Thinking Pinoy, Mocha Uson, Sass Rogando Sasot and Carlos Munda of Mindavote attacked Harry Roque for his pro-mainstream media stance.

According to Nieto, President Rodrigo Duterte must be careful in appointing Roque as his spokesperson because of his recent statement in favor of the mainstream media.

He said that the DDS (Duterte Diehard Supporter), including the bloggers who supported Duterte has their own minds and their anger against the mainstream media cannot be controlled.

Nieto also described the recent move of Roque as ‘trapo’.


“Alam mo sa sarili mong non-issue ang ibinabato ng mainstream, pero sinakyan mo parin?” Nieto added.

In the end of his post against Roque, he said that the new spokesperson must not hope for the 2019 election and he also urged President Duterte to not release the appointment papers of the spox.

Sass Rogando Sasot also published a Facebook live video to express her disappointment against Spokesperson Roque.

She explained to Roque how his ‘legitimate media friends’ didn’t contributed, but tried to destroy President Rodrigo Duterte since the election period.

According to her, the mainstream media, both local and international tried to destroy President Rodrigo Duterte’s popularity during the election by calling him ‘Hitler’.

She also mentioned the controversial ‘pieta’ photo that released by the press to destroy the image of war against illegal drugs by the current administration.

“Bakit mo sila bini-baby?, kailangan mo ba sila para manalo ka sa eleksyon?” Sasot said.

Sasot said that the supporters of Rodrigo Duterte knows what the mainstream media portrayed President during the election period and the spokesperson cannot clean their names to the DDS.

“Alam mo bang maraming ka-DDS ang nakipag away, marami silang resources na ginamit para ipagtanggol ang Pangulo,” she said.

“Wag mong sasabihin na ang legitimate media friends mo ang may malaking ginampanan para mapanalo si Duterte dahil hindi yun ang nangyari, at kahit anong gawin mo Harry Roque hindi mo sila mapapabango dahil alam namin ang nangyari.” she added.

Carlos Munda of Mindavote also released a profanity-laced live video and berated Harry Roque for throwing the Duterte supporters under the bus.

“Parang dini-disregard yung mga ginawa ng mga Duterte supporters at ngayon tayo pa ang kailangang umintindi, ano ba ang akala nitong Roque na ito, tayo ang naghahanap ng away?” Munda said.

Munda also challenged Roque to invite him or any Duterte supporter in his office and try to teach them.

But he also reminded Roque to livestream his lecture so the supporters of President Duterte can throw tirades against him.

The founder of Mindavote also said that Roque should talk to the supporters of President Duterte because they would help him in spreading the good deeds of the current administration in social media.

But now, Roque cannot expect any help from the DDS because of his stance.

“If you need to talk to people, kami ang dapat mong kinakausap, hindi sila [mainstream media], you should tell us what the President is doing you know why? Kasi we will echo what you say, we will echo what the President is doing, we would have supported you,” Munda said.

“But now? F*** y**, ikaw na bahala mag isa,” he added.

Mocha Uson responded on the statement of Harry Roque and she said that the new presidential spokesperson must also respect the ‘views’ of the netizens against the mainstream media.

“Linawin ko lang po kay Spox Roque na ang mga DDS ay hindi tulad ng mga dilawang troll kung saan ay nababayaran upang manggulo at mam-bash sa social media. Ang DDS ay may sariling pag-iisip,” Uson said

She also said that both mainstream media and netizen should learn how to respect each other beliefs.

“Mas maganda siguro po i-remind natin hindi lang ang mga DDS na resputuhin ang media, i-remind din po sana natin ang mga media na resputuhin din ang opinion ng netizens. May opinion ang media at may opinion din ang mga netizens,” Uson said.

“Galangin natin ng pareho at patas,” she added.

As of writing, Spokesperson Harry Roque is not yet speaking on the issue.

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