Englishman writes open letter to Robin Padilla, explains why the the Korean PGT contestant should learn Filipino language

An Englishman who’s known for his love for the Philippines  wrote an open letter to Robin Padilla amid the criticisms that the actor received for his comments against a Korean National who joined the talent show “Pilipinas Got Talent”.

During that episode,  one of the PGT contestant, Kim Jiwan, a 20-year-old Korean claimed that he grew in the Philippines and born in Muntinlupa.

However, despite of living in the Philippines for a long time, the Korean didn’t learn how to speak our national language, Filipino.

Because of this, Padilla criticized the Korean for not learning Filipino despite of his long stay in the Philippines.

“Firstly, mag-Tagalog ka muna bago mo ako kausapin,(speak in Tagalog before you talk to me)”  Padilla told Kim, which made the situation awkward.

In the end, the actor apologized to the Korean and he explained that he knew a Korean who’s really dedicated to learn the national language of the Philippines.

Pasensya ka na kasi mayroon akong kakilalang Koreano, si Ryan Bang, na mas magaling pang mag-Tagalog sa akin, (I hope you don’t mind because I know a Korean man, Ryan Bang, who speaks better Tagalog than me)”

The comments of Padilla gained mixed reaction on social media, some criticized the actor and some defended him, including the British blogger, Malcolm Conlan.

Conlan, the foreigner who dubbed as the “Filipino at heart” congratulated the actor Robin Padilla for showing again his ‘patriotism’ on the national television.

In his open letter, he said that it’s not really an excuse to the Korean if he fail to learn Tagalog just because he studied in an international school.

He believed that if Kim really loved the Philippines, he should make an effort to learn the language of the country where he lives.

Conlan also understood the intentions of Robin Padilla for criticizing the Korean and the actor is just showing his patriotism.

The blogger thanked Robin Padilla for his patriotism and called him an incredible ambassador of the Philippines.

He also shared that he wanted to be a Filipino citizen soon.

This is his open letter;

An Open Letter to Robin Padilla

Dear sir,

I just thought I would write to you personally to congratulate you on the patriotism and love that you have shown for your country.

As I am sure you are aware, like you, I love the Philippines very much. In fact, my greatest dream would to one day become a Filipino citizen as well as course retain my British nationality as I love both countries equally.

I have watched the clip of Pilipinas Got Talent several times where a Korean national is performing a magic set as part of his audition to the judges. The contestant explained that he had grown up in the Philippines but had not learnt Tagalog as he attended an international school.

To me, this is not really an excuse. If you have grown up in the Philippines and clearly called the Philippines your home, you should at least make some effort to learn the language. When the Korean national got into his act, clearly he can in fact understand and speak a little Tagalog.

I believe your intentions were just to coax it out of him a little. In fact, you are a comedian too and in a way was just having a little fun, whist making a valid observation. I know you very well that you love the Philippines and your fellow countrymen very much. I would like to thank you personally for being there for Filipinos across the globe.

You are an incredible ambassador for the country and a much loved icon on Philippine cinema. Thank you also so much for supporting President Rodrigo Duterte, who like yourself loves the Philippines and her people very much.

You were never racist at all, as some filipinos have claimed, in fact I truly wish others were able to be outspoken and stand up for their beliefs in a very clear and passionate manner.

Mabuhay ka sir at maraming salamat po.

Respectfully yours


Previously, Conlan also posted a video and shared his reaction after he watched the controversial episode of PGT.

Conlan said that he interpreted that Padilla only wanted to help the Korean contestant to make an effort to speak Tagalog.

The situation is the Korean guy lived in the Philippines for a number of years, in fact he’s dating a Filipina. So you know I think its his responsibility to learn some tagalog,” Conlan said.

The blogger admitted that he also had a difficulty in speaking Filipino, however he made an effort to learn few words.

He said that the Korean guy should speak even the simplest greetings in Tagalog just to show that he’s making an effort to learn the Filipino language.

“You have to understand that Robin is very very patriotic. Robin loves the Philippines very much. And loves the people very very much. And of course he just want to promote the country,” he said.

Conlan made Sandara Park as an evidence that Korean can learn to speak Filipino language.

He also believed that Padilla didn’t show any racism during that episode.

“There’s a massive difference between racist and loving your country and being patriotic,” Conlan said.

The blogger believed that the episode doesn’t have any issue, but calling the actor a racist is unacceptable for him.

You can watch the video here:

Padilla defends his comment against the Korean PGT contestant:

Yesterday, Padilla said that he didn’t regret what he said to the Korean and he explained that he only wanted to gave an fatherly advise to Kim.

“Wala akong pinagsisisihan, kasi pumupunta rin ako ng ibang bansa at pag pumunta ako ng ibang bansa ay pinipilit kong malaman kung ano ang salita doon, kasi bisita ka doon at ikaw ang makikibagay,” Padilla said.

“Pero kung ikaw yung pupunta dito sa Pilipinas at uutusan mo kami at eenglishin mo kami sa banyagang pananalita, eh nagkakamali ka. Bayan ko to, at handa akong mamatay anytime para sa bayan ko. Kaya kung sasabihin mo na sampung taon ka na dito at hindi ka parin marunong magtagalog eh may problema ka,” he added.

He would also not be convince that Kim really loves the Philippines until the Korean contestant make an effort in learning Filipino.

“Hindi mo pwedeng sabihin sakin na mahal mo ang Pilipinas, may girlfriend siyang Filipina tapos hindi siya marunong magtagalog? Di ko naman siya inaway, sinabihan ko lang siya,” he said.

Padilla also respected the reactions of the netizens and he said that they are free to choose if they going to defend and sacrifice their lives for the Korean contestant.

“Kung tayong mga Filipino ay hindi magiging patriotic sa bansa natin eh wag tayong humingi ng pagbabago diba kung mananatili tayong alipin ng dayuhan eh kayo nalang, hindi ako magpapaalipin sa dayuhan.” Padilla said before the interview ended.

You can watch the episode of PGT here:

Source: Malcolm Conlan, Ej Marasigan, Pilipinas Got Talent 2018 Facebook page.

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