VIRAL:Erwan Heusaff and Jasmine Curtis-Smith Scandal became controversial


Photo Credits: Facebook

Netizens smell a big controversy between the Curtis-Smith sister after the controversial photo of Erwan Heusaff kissing his girlfriend sister Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

The blog fashion pulis posted the print screen of the reaction of Anne Curtis-Smith on her Facebook account.

Using her official Facebook account Curt Smith, the actress is now doubting if his boyfriend is betraying her and trying to get her own sister.

She simply wrote:

“It’s your birthday but dude that’s my sister. Bye”

According to the fans of Jasmine Curtis-Smith, the photo is just made malicious by their haters and the two didn’t intend anything bad.

The controversial photo has gone viral and still discussing by the Netizens, there is also some rumours that the couple is now discussing about ending their relationship because of the controversy.

Erwin Heusaff and Jasmine Curtis Smith is not yet speaking about the issue.


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