“Are we going to hell now?” CBCP tagged us and Mindanation as ‘fake news sites’

  • Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) released a list of websites that they labeled as ‘fake news site’
  • CBCP labeled our website and Mindanation.com as websites that allegedly using unverified information.
  • Pinoy Trending might decide to stop contributing to the Church


Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) released the list of alleged ‘fake news sites’ on the internet that the netizens must avoid reading.

We are not surprise when CBCP included our website in their list because our writers still remain anonymous, but including Mindanation, a website where the writers are revealing their faces and known for publishing editorial articles is quite surprising to be tagged as ‘fake news site’.

Here is the list of websites ‘carrying fake or unverified contents’ according to CBCP:

  • Classified Trends – http://www.classifiedtrends.net/
  • Definitely Filipino – http://definitelyfilipino.com/
  • Duterte News Info – http://www.du30newsinfo.com/
  • Extreme Readers – http://www.extremereaders.com/
  • FilipiNews PH – http://www.filipinewsph.com/
  • Get Real Philippines – http://www.getrealphilippines.com/
  • Guard1an – https://theguard1an.com/
  • Kalye Pinoy – http://www.kalyepinoy.com/
  • Leak News PH – http://www.leaknewsph.com/
  • Media ni Duterte – http://www.dutertedefender.com/
  • Minda Nation – http://mindanation.com/
  • Netizens PH – http://www.netizensph.com/
  • News Media PH – http://www.newsmediaph.com/
  • News Titans – http://www.newstitans.com/
  • OKD2 – http://okd2.com/
  • Pinoy Freedom Wall – http://www.pinoyfreedomwall.com/
  • Pinoy Trending – https://pinoytrending.altervista.org/
  • Pinoy Trending News – http://pinoytrendingnews.net/
  • Pinoy Viral Issues – http://www.pinoyviralissues.net/
  • Pinoy Viral News – http://pinoyviralnews.com/
  • PinoyWorld – http://www.pinoyworld.net/
  • Public Trending – http://www.publictrending.net/
  • SocialNewsPH – http://www.socialnewsph.com/
  • TahoNews – http://www.tahonews.com/
  • TheVolatilian – http://www.thevolatilian.com/
  • Thinking Pinoy – http://www.thinkingpinoy.net/
  • TrendingBalita – http://www.trendingbalita.info/
  • Trending News Portal – http://www.trendingnewsportal.net.ph/
  • TrendTitan – http://trendtitan.com/

You can notice that most of the websites included by the CBCP are writing good things about the government which they are criticizing because of the policies of the Duterte administration against criminals.

Some of them are really using unverified information, but how about the mainstream media that also using unverified information?

Well, the head of this website is a Catholic and he/she donating thousands of pesos for the Church near his home, but now he might stop contributing for the Church because the priest might not accept money from fake news sites.

The writers of our sites are also reading an article from Wikihow titled “How to Become a LaVeyan Satanist” because since we are already labeled by the Catholic Church as a ‘fake news site’ we are expected to meet Satan instead of St. Peter.

We are planning to change the name of our company, our site and planning to reveal the names of our writers. But we expect that CBCP still labeled us as ‘fake news site’ because most of our articles are critical to the opposition.

We are getting our information from reputable sources on social media, internet and mainstream media. We also remind our writers to include the sources of their information.

Well, that is what our followers want to read? Gusto niyo ba mag sulat kami ng article na puro negative kay Duterte edi nag si alisan ang aming mga followers na pinaghirapan namin ng tatlong taon.

Alam niyo naubusan na ako ng english, hindi na ako aapela sa NUJP, CBCP o sa kahit anong organisyasyon na mag sasabing fake news site kami, hayaan nalang natin ang mga tao na basahin ang gusto nilang basahin kasi hindi naman nila ikamamatay yan.

I also read in one of my history books that the Catholic Church also banned several newspapers and books during the Spanish period here in the Philippines.


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