Greatest cover of Chandelier dominates the internet!

via Pinoy Viral of Youtube

This video became a a trending hit on twitter and many people showed their amazement with the artist.

The video features a girl who sang Chandelier by Sia on her bathroom. You will feel some goosebumps while you’re listening in her cover, some people stated that she is better than SIA, she completely hit the notes and her voice quality is very good.

This video was originally uploaded on Facebook and some famous Twitter user shared this and quickly retweeted by many Netizens.


The topic #RIPChandelier successfully entered the top 10 trending topics on Twitter and no one is surprised because obviously her talent is incomparable.

The name of the girl is still unknown but we are putting all our efforts to find her. We will update you if we already find her.

Her voice is phenomenal! No one can reach her level of singing, she is the best amateur singer that i’ve watched!

– anna theresa of twitter

If you want to be feel amazed, watch her video and don’t forget to share.



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