“High end condo, exclusive gym membership”LOOK: Luxurious life of sexual predator Liezyl Margallo during her days of hiding frp, the authorities

During the days that she hid from the authorities, Liezyl Margallo who lured children to torture and rape them sn exchange of money lived in luxurious life in different parts of Visayas.

In her Facebook account, Margallo who’s hiding in the name Shannon Carpio for two years can be seen posting several photos with her “gym buddies” and travels in different parts of the Philippines that she’s living like an innocent citizen without 16 arrest warrants from Cagayan De Oro Regional Trial Court Branches 19 and 22.

She was arrested in Malapascua, a very beautiful island with white sand beaches in Daanbantayan, Cebu.

Margallo and Scully are facing criminal charges for violating Anti Trafficking in Person Act of 2003, Anti Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009, Special Protection of Children Against Child Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination act etc. If proven, Margallo and Scully may face the highest punishment available in the Philippines (life or death sentence).

Margallo, on her Facebook cover photo even flaunted her body together with her friend in a white beach.

Facebook profile of Liezyl Margallo that she used for two years when she’s hiding from the authorities.

Authorities said that Margallo lived in an expensive condominium unit in Cebu City for 13,000 a month and the money that she’s spending was allegedly from the earnings of the pedophile ring that they operated before her partner Peter Gerard Scully was arrested.

It also showed that she was a member of an exclusive gym in a hotel in Cebu City.

Margallo, together with her “Gym Buddies”

Another Facebook post shows that Margallo travelled together with her friends in Panglao, Bohol. The expenses was allegedly shouldered by Margallo itself.

Margallo even planned to travel abroad together with her friends that will be shoulder by her foreign boyfriend Scully.

It’s also shocking that Margallo who tortured a one year old baby and abused several children in exchange of money, expressed her joy on Facebook account when she knew that her sister was pregnant in a baby girl.

Photo: Shannon Carpio

Her friends denied that they knew the dark past of Margallo and they thought that her expenses are only shouldered by her foreign boyfriend Scully that already arrested a year ago.

Margallo was known as “sweet and innocent” to the people who met her and they don’t knew that she can torture children.

The luxurious lifestyle of Margallo proves that they earned a lot in their vile acts on the internet together with Scully. Reports said that their customers are ready to pay $10,000 per videos to watch how they torture and rape children.

Now her good life is over after she was arrested by the authorities and her Facebook was  already deactivated.



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