LOOK: Inday Sara burns Raissa Robles: “Di kasi kami chismosa tulad mo, anong nagawa mo maliban sa pag tweet?”

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte slammed veteran investigative journalist Raissa Robles for tweeting alleged malicious questions against the Presidential family.

On July 12, Raissa Robles tweeted and asked her followers if there are some members of the Duterte family visited evacuation centers where Marawi siege victims went.

In her other tweet, Robles retweeted a photo of Duterte and asked the square thing inside Duterte’s shirt.

A friend of Robles claimed that the square thing inside the President’s shirt is a “colostomy bag”


In response to the tweets of the investigative journalist, Inday Sara Duterte slammed Robles and called her a ‘gossiper’ and a person who annoyingly intrudes.

In his post, Inday Sara told Robles which she called “Feather B” that the Davao LGU doesn’t need to inform the investigative journalist if they delivered relief goods in Iligan City because the Davao City Mayor is not seeking for attention.

She also said that Davao City was taking care with some evacuees from Marawi City and they ensured that everyone can comfortably sleep in the evacuation centers.

“Feather B, I told you last time I am Mayor of Davao City not of Marawi, ILigan or Cagayan de Oro. Hindi ako epal tulad mo. Nagpadala man ang Davao City LGU ng relief goods sa Iligan wala naman kami obligasyon na ipaalam sa iyo yun.” Inday Sara said in her post.

“Meron kami evacuees but we made sure hosts and relatives accomodate them at walang matutulog sa semento sahig ng gym, we did their masterlist and de-briefing, we made sure DepEd will accomodate the children” she added.

The Davao City mayor also asked Robles which she called a ‘gossiper’ if she already done something for the victims of Marawi City rather than tweeting.

“di kasi kami chismosa tulad mo kaya di na namin naikwento. Ikaw, ano na nagawa mo maliban sa pag tweet?”

In her another post, Inday Sara answered the question of Raissa Robles about the square thing inside President Duterte’s shirt.

She said that the square thing inside her father’s shirt might be his amulet.

“Anting-anting nà for sure, Feather B. Uso na dri sa among bukid.” Inday Sara said in her post.

Meanwhile, several followers of the Davao City Mayor slammed Raissa Robles for her tweets about President Duterte while Inday Sara gained praises from the netizens.

“Ano bang mapapala ng tao dito sa matandang to… jusko po may pamilya ba ang tao na to, kung meron man bat di na lang ang pamilya nya ang pagtuunan ng pansin… kasi manang nagiging OA na kayo sa pinagagagawa nyo… may hiya pa ba jan sa pagkatao nyo, kung meron man MAHIYA ka naman” Netizen Allan Bryann Gamboa said in his comment.

 “I feel sorry for you ms. Raissa Robless. Wla ka tlgang makikitang links kasi, hindi pa-epal o mahilig magpa photo op ang mga Duterte, hindi sila katulad ng amo mong si Leni na kahit tsinelas lng ang donate pinipicturan pa. Ay sus ah!” Netizen Mary Ann Estevez said.

“super winner si mayor sarah!!!!!! thats how you srve the people…..quietly and efficiently..:) ang GALING!!!!” Raolo Pecencio said in his comment.

Raissa Robles is a known critic of President Rodrigo Duterte and tweeted against the policies of the government several times.

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