Israeli artist who creates ‘Yolocaust’ project calls the VP Leni “douche” and “ignorant” for posing at Holocaust Memorial

Israeli artist Shahak Shapira, the creator of the ‘Yolocaust’ project which made the condemn and shame the people insensitively having a selfies at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Germany already reached the news about the photo session of Vice President Leni Robredo in the said place.

In his twitter account, Shapira said that he received the news from the Filipino people who were angry by what Robredo did to the memorial which built to honor the victims of the Holocaust that happened during World War 2.

Some of the ‘yolocaust’ photos  made by Shahak Shapira. Photo: Yolocaust project

He called the Vice President and her team “a bit of douche” and “ignorant” for having a photo session at the holocaust memorial.

Some of the netizens requested to photo shop the photo of the Vice President like what he did to the other tourist that he spotted having a selfie at the memorial.

But, he said that his project was already done, however he urged the people to make their own yolocaust photo featuring the team of the Vice President.

“My dear Filipino friends: many of you have sent me this pic in the last days because your Vice President seems to be a bit of a douche. My Yolocaust project is done, but I like your spirit, so here’s my advice: get yourself Photoshop and stick it to the ignorants!”

Netizens followed what Shapira said and they quickly edited the photo of Robredo and stick it to the victims of the Holocaust.

However, Shapira also slammed President Duterte for his controversial “hitler remarks”.

However, some netizens quickly defended Duterte and informed Shapira that the President already apologized to the Jewish community.

The photo of Vice President Leni Robredo and members of Liberal Party at the Holocaust Memorial in Germany became controversial and received criticisms from the netizens.

But Ifugao Representative Teddy Baguilat Jr. who’s already with Robredo in the controversial photo insisted that they didn’t intend to offend the Jewish community.

“We posed at the Holocaust Memorial not to demean the place. But I took down the tweet immediately so as not to hurt sensibilities,” Baguilat tweeted.

“Our German trip was paid for by a German Foundation and in the study trip, we discussed shared democratic values,” he added.

Robredo is not yet speaking on the another controversy that she faced.

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