John Lloyd and Bea caught eating together in Spain.


John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo are giving another “Kilig Factor” to their fans after Bea’s handler Monch Novales posted their moments on Instagram (@monchnovales).

Photos showed their sweetness while eating some ice scream together and talking about different things. Netizens are very happy to see John Lloyd and Bea for being not privatise their moments together.

Many fans suspected that John Lloyd and Bea is already in a relationship but their staff is denying the issue.

“They threat each other as special and we are hoping that the Popoy and Basha love team becomes real” One of the fans of Bea and John Lloyd Love team said to our source.

After the huge success of their newest movie, many people now is waiting for their next projects, they are also hoping for a teleserye to give more kilig to their fans.


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