Last camp of Abu Sayaff captured by Philippine Military

The last known camp of the terrorist group Abu Sayaff in Tipo, Tipo Basilan was finally captured by the Philippine 4th Military Special Forces Battalion.

The Duterte administration launches series of successful operation since July and the effects of this to the terrorist group is really bad.

Col. Andrew Bacala, commander of the Philippine Army’s 4th Special Forces Battalion, said the Abu Sayyaf suffered when the military forces attacked the terrorist group in Barangay Silangkum in Tipo Tipo town on August 15.

The relatives of some members of the terrorist group cooperated with the government forces because of their desire to end the terror in their place.

Joel Maturan, the former town mayor of Ungkaya Pukan, said “the Abu Sayyaf was finally flushed out of our towns.”

Netizens lauds the campaign of Philippine Army against terrorism and they believe that this news is a sign that Abu Sayaff’s era is going to end soon.

President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the military to show no mercy to the Abu Sayaff Group who kidnapped and killed many people including foreigners.

The Punisher also warned the ISIS to avoid entering the Philippine Territory because he will become 10x worst than the international terrorist group.

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