LOOK: Facebook posts that prove that the suspect behind the cavite double murder case had a close relationship with the victims

The Facebook posts by Ruel Cabatingan, the primary suspect in the “General Trias double murder case” several days before his arrest proved his close ties with the victims Ruby and Nicole Gamos.

In his Facebook account named “ILYTTAAFE RUBYEL” he uploaded several photos of him together with the victims several hours after he was identified by the authorities.

In his post, he said that he’s ready to face the consequences for what he did to Ruby and Shaniah Nicole.

“Nakahanda akong pagbayaran lahat ng kasalanan ko,” he said in his post.

In his another post, he said that he would voluntarily surrender himself to the authorities and they don’t need to hunt him anymore.

“Sa mga otoridad, wag napu kayung mag pagod_kusa na po akong sumuko paki hintay nalang ng request from PNP. I will serve justice to Ruby and Shaniah Gamos,” Cabatingan said in another post.

He also apologized to the victims that he called as ‘mommy’ and ‘anak’

“I’m so sorry mommy and anak ko,” Catingan said.

Before the crime happened, it seems that the suspect and the victim was open to show their close relationship on social media without fearing of being caught.

One post of Cabatingan also showed that Marlon might knew him and he even thanked the OFW for taking care of his ‘daughter’ in one of his post.

“Marlon, salamat sa pagkilala sa anak ko bilang tunay na anak mo,” Cabatingan said in his post.

Yesterday, the netizens were intrigued by the results of the investigation of the General Trias double murder case that happened two weeks ago.

The authorities found out that the suspect had an affair with the victim because they didn’t saw any sign of force entry in the house of Gamos family.

The testimony of the neighbors of the victims also helped the authorities to identify the suspect.

After the suspect voluntarily surrendered, he admitted that he had an affair with the victim, however he didn’t told the reason why he committed the crime.

The sympathy of some netizens to Ruby Gamos was replaced by anger and hate after the results of the investigation circulated on social media, saying that the victim should not had an affair with other men while her husband was working abroad.

Netizens also guessed that the reason why the suspect killed the victim is because of ‘jealousy’, because Marlon Gamos, the husband of the victim was planning to go home several weeks before the crime happened.

Marlon Gamos calmly accepted the result of the investigation and he already filed murder charges against the suspect.

Two weeks ago, he asked President Rodrigo Duterte to revive the death penalty to punish the suspect behind the killing of his family.

You can watch the video report of GMA 7 about the relationship of the suspect and the victim here:

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