LOOK: Netizens exposes Xian Gaza, the dude who asked Erich Gonzales for coffee via a creepy proposal

Do you remember the ‘creepy’ guy who asked for a coffee date with Erich Gonzales via billboard proposal in Morayta, Manila?

The proposal of self proclaimed businessman and on-showbiz bachelor named Christian “Xian” Gaza has gone viral on the internet and earned mixed reactions from netizens.

While some netizens found the gesture of renting a billboard to invite Erich Gonzales in a coffee date romantic, others considered the move to be creepy and doubtful.

On Saturday, Gaza posted the photo of himself on Instagram, looking at the billboard that he made for Gonzalez

“I can’t even espresso how much I like you a latte,” the billboard read.

“Will you… drink coffee with me?” he said.

He also wrote a romatic open letter for Erich Gonzales, saying he tried to reach ouch privately to the actress but could not find a way.

“I really hope to meet you soon, Ms. Gancayco. And above all else, thank you very much for unknowingly making me smile and inspiring me in each passing day for the last half year,” Xian said addressing the real surname of the actress, Gancayco.

Xian quickly gained fans on social media and his other social post exposing his wealth and social status, gained attention from the netizens.

But being viral on the internet made the other people who knew him to expose how ‘creepy’ is this guy.

A netizen Dewanie Catapang, a model based in Davao claimed that she knew the self proclaimed CEO in personal.

According to Catapang, she worked in one of Gaza’s project called “THE HAIYAN SHIRT PROJECT” and scammed all of them.

She said that Xian’s proposal to Erich Gonzales was not made for the actress, but for himself to became viral on the internet for not yet known reasons.

In her twitter, Catapang recounted how Gaza scammed the team behind T-shirt project made to give donations to the victims of Yolanda.

Xian gained the trust of Catapang by offering the other members of the project team to stay in an expensive house that he rented permanently, which also became their headquarters.

As what the other netizen think, Gaza really loves to show to other people how wealthy he is.

They became suspicious, when they started to ask Xian where are the earnings of the T-Shirt Project went.

Gaza didn’t tell anybody where the money that the project gained went and he kept changing the topic and sometimes disappear to avoid getting questions from the project team.

Catapang also said that Gaza didn’t gave them salary, but they don’t mind them because they knew that they were working for a charity project.

But they started to be disappointed when Gaza didn’t disclosed if he really gave the profit of the project to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Catapang also claimed that Gaza tried to seduce her, but she only ignored him because he’s not the type of guy that she really likes.

Suddenly, after the project, the Facebook Page that used for the “Haiyan T-shirt project” was deactivated by Gaza and he also changed his contact details, a sign that he allegedly scammed the team behind the project.

After several months, she got an information that Gaza claimed that he works under UNICEF which accepting donations.

She also discovered that Gaza used another name on Facebook. This time they offered her to become the promoter of a mobile app built by the alleged scammer.

Gaza used “CEO STARK” as his codename in Davao, they thought that this time, the alleged scammer’s project was legit, but after several months, the application that he built and himself disappeared again in public.




She also received some news that Gaza scammed several people in Davao.

She also tweeted some of the evidences that they really worked for the Haiyan T-Shirt Project.




Then after several months, Gaza now became the CEO of Gazeera Social Media Holdings together with his partner Walter De Vera of Filipino Vines Facebook page.



Printscreen of the Gazera Media Holdings information
Via: https://yellow.place/en/gazera-media-holdings-makati-philippines

According to the description of the company:

GAZERA MEDIA HOLDINGS powered by Chi Su Taro Virtual Solutions Inc. is an international social media profit organization founded on October 2013 by Philippine Social Media King – WALTER DE VERA and Mindanao Coffee Magnate – CHAIRMAN STARK in Southeast Asia’s social media capital – Philippines.

Gazera Media Holdings owns multiple influential social media accounts and manages a number of international social media artists under the leadership of CEO DE VERA, with a total accumulated local and international market reach of 21 million netizens from all sectors.

The company also claimed that they won an award for ‘Best Social Media Advertising (National Awards)’ from Golden Globe but we don’t find any other information or confirmation if they really got an award from the prestigious organization.

Catapang also exposed the other celebrities that Gaza tried to court like Liza Soberano, Ella Cruz and Donnalyn Bartolome.


She also exposed some of the things that Gaza listed in his Facebook post about his bucket lists like the expensive penthouse condo which he claimed that he bought.

Catapang also said that the cosmetics that Xian Gaza claimed that he bought for Erich Gonzales is not really for the actress because he uploaded it several weeks before he proposed to the actress.

The original caption of Gaza’s post also didn’t mentioned the name of Gonzales, but he only edited it when he became viral because of the actress.

She urged the netizens not to be amaze by the people like Xian Gaza and investigate his history first.

Catapang said that Gaza wanted to trap celebrities by the using publicity stunts so they cannot refuse to the offer of the alleged scammer.

She also showed some of the celebrities that Xian Gaza tried to court publicly.



A Netizen also exposed that Gaza tried to flirt her on social media, an evidence that the alleged scammer really loves beautiful girls.

The mother of Ella Cruz also released a statement, claiming that Gaza stalked the young actress.

“Wow para luminis name nya sa scammer issue nya, may pa billboard naman ngyon… may nauto nanaman sya guys para mag invest sa monkey business nya..” Jesica Zurc said in her post.

To confirm if Gaza really stalked Ella Cruz, Inquirer.net backtracked the past social media post of the controversial CEO.


In another post, Gaza posted a picture with a romantic caption of himself together with the actress Ella Cruz.

“They say that in every man’s sccess there’s a woman behind, and I want you to be that woman. Not behind but beside me. Build an empire with you Gabriela.” Gaza said in his post.


It is not clear if the two engaged in a romantic relationship, but looking at the background of Gaza, the controversial CEO and alleged scammer seems has the tendency to be attracted to famous celebrities.

Ryan Salcedo Tañada, an entrepreneur who got scammed by the controversial CEO also exposed the gimmicks of Xian Gaza to attract victims.

“To make the story short, even if I already know that there’s something fishy about him[Gaza], I still gave him the money for the talent fee/s that he said he’ll give to the artist/s.” Tañada said in his post against Gaza.

“just ask Ella Cruz’ mom regarding the whole story of their supposedly TF that they never received.” he added.

But fortunately, Gaza paid all his debts to Tañada.


“Honestly, after him paying his debts I played it nice with him and just let his circus in social media but with everything that’s coming out, I think it’s my due responsibility to warn the public as a lot of people are perceiving a wrong person to be their inspiration/goal.” Tañada said in his post.

“Christian or Xian or whatever you call yourself now, I’m not criticizing you for your styles on how to get girls because I myself did a lot of crazy stuff for the woman I love but let’s be honest, we know that you’re not only doing this for Erich but also to show people that you’re rich and successful to attract more people to be your victim,” he added.

As response, Xian Gaza responded to the accusations against him via social media.

In a statement, he explained where the funds of the Haiyan T-Shirt Project went. He also said that since 2016, he already stopped his partnership with De Vera for not gaining any profit from the Gazera Media Holdings.

Gaza admitted that Tañada gave him P200,000 pesos via Western Union as a downpayment for a particular event in Qatar under his production.

He admitted that without informing Tañada, he transferred the 200,000 pesos to the operation expenses backlogs of Gazera Media Company, founded by himself and Mr. Walter De Vera, the ‘social media king of the Philippines’

“I partnered with Mr. De Vera last March 2016 on a 50-50 ownership sharing, me as the pure financial partner while him as the industrial partner. From March 2016 to December 2016, I shelled out a total of 1.7 Million Pesos as initial capitalization for the Makati office plus the total operation expenses for 8 consecutive months. I was financially bleeding to Gazera Media/Filipino Vines for 8 months with no returns at all pero walang pagkakamali si Mr. De Vera dahil given our partnership, the financial side is purely my obligation but didn’t foresee na ganoon ang kalalabasan and indeed was a very bad investment for me. I stopped shelling funds to the company to stop my bleeding dahil wala na akong nakikitang kalalabasan na maganda on the aspect of profit generation and declared bankruptcy to Mr. De Vera last December 2016. We separate ways with no formal closure up to this day.” he said in his statement.

The alleged scammer also answered the accusations of the mother of Ella Cruz against him.

“With regards to Madam Jessica Cruz, yes the Toyota Fortuner transaction that we had last December with Mr. Thristan Cruz is true. Nagkasarado kami sa halagang 650K on a 2-gives term. I personally pressured myself to take it dahil gusto ko silang i-impress kahit wala naman akong paggagamitan ng unit at wala ring siguradong buyer. When I found out that the unit is roughly 500K-550K ang market value at luging-lugi ako, there I decided not to fund it anymore and nagkasundo nalang na magsolian ng unit and so with my downpayment. We just came up ni Mr. Cruz last January 2017 na mag-danyos perwisyos ako ng 50K Pesos taking it from my downpayment para sa 3 weeks time na perwisyong nadulot ko sa kanila,” he said in the statement.

He also denied that he’s a stalker of Ella Cruz.

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