LOOK: President Duterte’s simple New Year’s feast in his Davao City house

President Rodrigo Duterte’s new years celebration photos had been circulated on the internet and earned another praises from his supporters.

Like other typical Filipinos, the most powerful man in the Philippines, chose to welcome the 2018 in his Davao City house with a simple celebration together with the younger members of his family.

In the photos posted by several Pro-Duterte fan pages, the President showed wearing a red jogging pants and a white shirt with a print “Duterte No To Drugs,”

Photo: OFW GME Supports President Duterte Facebook page


Photo: @jcassandra19 Instagram

He was also seen playing with his grandchild while enjoying the simple Media Noche served to him.

Photo: OFW GME Supports President Duterte

It seems that despite of the problems that he encountered last year, especially the two tragedies struck Davao last month, it didn’t stopped the President to enjoy the new year celebration.

The President became famous for his simple lifestyle that until he still practiced even he was elected as the highest official in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the people outside President Rodrigo Duterte’s house celebrated the new year without using any dangerous firecrackers.

Dabawenyos only used ‘torotots’ to welcome the 2018 while doing ‘budots’ a dance originated in Davao City.

Davao City is known for being ‘firecracker’ free since President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the ban of this practice 17 years ago.

Duterte instead, formed a celebration called ‘torotot’ festival to encourage his people to use hornpipe to make the new year celebration loud despite of the absence of firecrackers.

Netizen Bobby Dela Pena showed on social media how the people of Barangay Tolomo, Davao City celebrated new year without using any firecrackers.

You can watch the video here:

However, the famous Torotot Festival was cancelled by the City Government of Davao this 2018 to pay respect to the families of the victims of NCCC fire which killed 38 people.

But despite of the cancellation of Torotot Festival, the people of Davao still used their hornpipes and didn’t tempted to use any deadly firecracker.




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