LOOK: Sara Duterte calls out DDS blogger after he claimed that the Davao Mayor asks another blogger to interview her

Inday Sara Duterte joined the DDS war as she commented on one of the pro-Duterte bloggers who claimed that the Davao City Mayor asked another blogger Bruce V. Rivera to visit her for an interview.

In a Facebook post by pro-Duterte blogger Rocky Gonzales, he told one of his fellow DDS that Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte asked Rivera for an interview which went viral last year.

The blogger also pointed out the exclusivity of the interview and he believed that Inday Sara would not ask another bloggers for an interview next time.

“That’s you and let us not forget that Inday Sara specifacally asked for this interview with Bruce. She has not allowed anyone before and will more than likely not do it with anyone else aside from Bruce.” Gonzales told the netizen.

Bruce Rivera’s “make up tutorial and interview” with Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte which gained hundreds of thousands of views.

The Davao City Mayor Inday quickly responded to the claims of Gonzales and she denied that she asked Rivera for an interview and what happened was other way around.

“I don’t want to argue ha about who watched who. It was Bruce who requested to do an interview. I said yes because he is a good friend from law school. Here is a screencap.” Inday Sara said.

The Davao City Mayor would show a screenshot to debunk the claims of Gonzales, however photo comments were not allowed on the reply bar of the DDS blogger.

“But no, a picture comment is not allowed in this reply bar. Anyways, it was Bruce who asked to do a live together not me. Thank you.” she added.

The screenshot of the awkward situation was captured by DDS blogger Sass Rogando Sasot who had a feud with Rivera and Gonzales.

Sara Duterte’s response on the claims of Rocky Gonzales. Photo: Sass Rogando Sasot

In her post, Sass Rogando Sasot slammed Rocky Gonzales for spreading rumors about the Davao City Mayor.

“Rocky, wala kang credibility. Kahit si Mayor Sara eh ginawan mo ng kwento at in public mo pang ginawa. Hindi ba she publicly called you out pa sa Page mo? Kung kaya ng apog mong gawan ng kwento si Mayor, eh papaano pa iyong ibang tao na katulad ko?” Sasot said in her post.

The two pro-Duterte bloggers exchanged heated Facebook post with each other after Gonzales claimed that he’s a ghost writer of Sasot.

However, Sasot denied the claims of Gonzales and she said that she only asked him to proofread her posts because she’s dyslexic.



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