LOOK: Sass Sasot burns BB. Pilipinas International 2017 Mariel De Leon and explains why Mocha deserves her current gov. position

Pro-Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot responded on the criticisms of Binibining Pilipinas International 2017 Mariel De Leon against the appointment of social media blogger Mocha Uson as assistant secretary of the Philippine Communications Operations Office.

Sass Rogando Sasot explained to Mariel De Leon why Mocha deserved her current position as the assistant secretary of the PCOO.

According to her, Mocha was qualified to be appointed by President Duterte because of her loyalty to President Duterte which she helped during the election period

1. Loyalty is important in an appointed position. These appointees, like Mocha, serve at the pleasure of the president. As such, they should have a particular bias — and that is, they must support the reforms and policies of the administration.

Sasot also compared the life of Mocha Uson who already experienced the cruel of life and Mariel De Leon who’s the only greatest challenge in her life is to win a beauty contest.

Unlike you who lived a pampered life, Mocha was exposed to the cruelties of this world at an early age. Her father was a judge who handled cases involving big criminal syndicates: he got assasinated. I believe you were almost at the same age when that happened. I mean, while Mocha at your age had to face that kind of life, your greatest challenge in life is to win a crown for a beauty contest. Classic case of depth of life experience vs vapidness.

The pro-duterte blogger also explained that Mocha was educated enough by her parents in a top university in the Philippines.

Mocha Uson completed 2 years of medical school at University of Santo Tomas while De Leon took up a culinary course in New Zealand.

2. Mocha got her diploma before you got yours. FYI, she finished a medical degree and got into one of the top med schools in the PH. I believe your degree is related to cooking?

She also believes that Mocha Uson is a respectable woman and many people like the poor vendors outside the bar that they visited loves her.

Sasot recounted how the vendors embraced Mocha upon seeing her.

3. What is respected and respectful during this highly polarized moment in our political history is highly questionable. I believe the people who Mocha helped through her blog would disagree with you.

I was with Mocha in the second week of February. The vendors outside the bar where her group performs love her. They immediately ran to her and embraced her upon seeing her, like a long lost sister.

The blogger also explained that Mocha was only passionate about the issues that’s why sometimes her posts became straightforward.

In the last part of her post, Sasot quizzed the Binibining Pilipinas International 2017 International about her qualifications as the representative of the Philippines in the Miss International.

I’m not really sure if you know what the job of being a PCOO Asec on Social Media entails. Well, Bb Pilipinas-International, it fundamentally entails understanding and having an actual experience in community engagement online. Now tell us, how is Mocha not qualified to do the job? But before that: What made you qualified to gauge someone’s qualification in that field?

Followers of Sass Rogando Sasot also responded on the tweet of Mariel De Leon against Mocha Uson.

Jack Sotto believes that De Leon thinks that she’s already an expert after winning the crown and ‘there are other more beautiful, educated and intelligent women who should have won Ms. International’

Rica Paolomo-Espiritu, said that she respected Mocha and she believes that she’s educated. She also added that there’s no wrong for being biased because there’s nothing wrong to fight for the politician that you support.

Ms. Laarni asked Ms. De Leon about her other vital and helpful achievements to the Philippines aside from winning a beauty contest crown.


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