Maine Mendoza’s past status has gone viral, netizens reacts.



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A viral photo of a past status of Maine Mendoza has gone viral last night after a Facebook user posted it on Social Media. A status of Yaya Dub from 2009 is now creating reactions from her fans.

The post shows that Maine was posted a foul language on Facebook.

According to some Netizens that the source interviewed, they are little bit disappointed when they saw this old status of Maine on Facebook, but her fans defended her and said that Maine was very young at that time and still not famous.

Yaya Dub’s fans is worried because some people is trying to destroy her image now because of her popularity.



One of the Netizen posted it on Facebook, but her fans is to the rescue.

A Social Networking expert said that this is just normal because Maine is already famous and many people is now trying to stalk her past to attack her.

Maine Mendoza is still not speaking about this.

Despite of issues that people throwing to destroy the AlDub/AlMaine love team, they are still strong and number 1 on the noontime slot.

What can you say about this ?

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