Man killed by his own father because of eating “Dinuguan”



Pork Blood Stew is a very delicious Filipino dish, but other people do not want to eat it because of some beliefs. Too much believing in famous beliefs can put you in trouble like what happen to a man that killed by his own father because he was caught eating the famous “Dinuguan” in a eatery yesterday.

According to the source, the Victim that called “Arthur” by his friends secretly eating Dinuguan for a long time was finally caught by his drank father last night and immediately shoots the victim. The suspect tried to escape but the people catches him and didn’t showed fear even the father of Arthur is holding a gun.

Arthur is a soon to be Cum Laude of their school and he is the biggest hope of their family.

The suspect explained in an interview that he is really drank on that time so he didn’t hesitate to shoot the victim. The suspect believes that eating a Dinuguan will make anyone a sinner and dirty so when he saw his son eating it, he became so angry and immediately shoots the victim.

The investigator asked the people about the suspect and victim’s religion but no one answered. The suspect denied that he killed his son because of his religion beliefs.

The mother of the victim is already filed a case against the suspect.

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