Manny Pacquiao says he will fight Jeff Horn again in a rematch

Former WBO World Welterweight champion and Senator Manny Pacquaio said that he’s willing to do another fight with Jeff Horn, the Australian boxer who gave him one of the biggest upsets of his career.

During the after fight interview,Manny Pacquiao said that he ‘respects’ the decision of the judges and would ‘absolutely’ like to return for a rematch with Jeff Horn.

“Oh yeah, definitely.” Manny Pacquiao told the interviewer who asked him if he wanted a rematch with Jeff Horn.

Pacquiao also admitted that the ‘accidental head butts’ that he received from horn made the fight a bit difficult, but doesn’t think he lost the fight.

Pacquiao even said that he was never hurt in the fight.

Many fans of Manny Pacquiao believed that the Filipino boxing champ was robbed by the title and they don’t believe the score cards released by the judges.

Even Tim Bradley said that Manny won the fight.

“I thought Manny won the fight but I’m not a judge” Tim Bradley said.

“Jeff Horn landed 15% of his total punches and 17% of his power shots, and gets a gift decision in his hometown,” @BoxingHype tweeted.

But some netizens said that it’s already time for the Pacman to retire because of his old age.

People thought that the match between Pacquiao and Horn will end in the 9th round, after the referee nearly stopped the fight because of the exhausted Australian boxer.

But during the last three rounds of the fight, the Aussie fighter continued his fight against the Filipino champ and won the fight via a decision.

Aussie Jeff Horn wins WBO welterweight title by unanimous decision by scores of 117-111, 115-113, 115-113

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