Filipino Netizens is now requesting to implement the Death Penalty. Are you one of them ?



President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III while looking at a vintage electric chair that used to punish high profile criminals many decades ago.

After many incidents of rape and murder in the Philippines, we cannot deny that every criminal in the Philippines is now not afraid to disobey the law, because of this the Filipino Netizens is now requesting that the Death Penalty must be implement again in the Philippines.

After the Filipino People shocked by the rape case of Anria Galang Espiritu, they already realized that the Death Penalty is already needed to punish many fearless criminals that still planning to do some crime. The Catholic Church is still disagree in this idea and they always said that they will abandon the people who will trying to implement the death penalty again.

Even President Noynoy Aquino still rejects the revival of the Death Penalty and being close to the Roman Catholic church is one of the biggest reason why the president is still rejecting this idea. But because of the brutal crimes that happened this year, maybe the president’s decision may change and try if the revival of the death penalty is the only answer to reduce the crime rate in the Philippines.

A Fanpage dedicated to the revival of Death penalty in the Philippines was created and its alreay reached 70,000 likes on Facebook. Most of the people who wants to revive the Death Penalty said that if the Filipino People is the boss of the President, Pnoy must follow the request of his bosses.


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  • alexander

    I am not in favor of death penalty in the Philippines, because there will be a lot of influential people that will take advantage of it….against to someone , to the poor or to the people they envy or don’t like. Once it is granted and sentenced a person…case closed. This will victimized a lot of innocent people or judged the false guy.

  • claudine

    maganda po ang maidudulot ng “death penalty” sa ating bansa, unang una po sa lahat patong patong na ang “rape slay” kadalasan mga bata meron pang 11 months old na baby at pinatay…. “corruption” matatakot na silang gumawa ng kalokohan dahil alam na nila ang mangyayari sa kanila pag ginawa pa nila ang pagnanakaw… at madami pa…. malaki ang ibabago ng ating bansa pag ipinatupad ang “Death Penalty” uunlad na ang Pilipinas at maayos na ang magging pamamalakad neto…